At Redeemer, no question is off limits. the gospel impacts all of life. life is better together. no apologies for the mess. we love our city.

Here's what you might be wondering about Redeemer
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    When Do We Meet?

    Sunday Worship 9:00 - 10:15 AM
    Redeemer Kids (Infant-Preschool) 9:00 - 10:15 AM
    Bible & Theology Classes Starting in Fall

    Throughout the week, we meet regularly in homes from bible studies and small groups. We also have a number of times to connect, which you can find here


    Redeemer leases the 1802 Bankhead property from another church, First Cumberland Presbyterian Church. We have reserved parking for them so their members can have easy access to parking for their 11am worship service.

    • Entrance A is the main entrance for those not dropping children off at Redeemer Kids.
    • Entrance B is for families checking kids into Redeemer Kids. Make check-in easy by pre-registering here.
    • Green Lots are for Redeemer guests and members.
    • Blue Lot is for Redeemer Kids/Family drop-off.
    • Red Lot is reserved for FCPC and ADA parking.

    Plan Your Visit

    Let us know you're visiting

    When you let us know you’re visiting, we’ll be able to have seats reserved for you and a hot cup of coffee waiting on you. You’re visiting our house, and we want you to feel welcome!

    Registration is not required to visit.

    The Camp at Midcity

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Each Sunday we will have what we call our weekly gathering. This is the most important meeting for our church every week. It’s where we come together to encourage each other, to listen to God’s word to us, and to respond to what we have heard. God's word is central to this gathering.

    We will sing the Bible. Each of our songs expresses some truth about the good news about Jesus. Each one is aimed both at God, in worship, and at the same time, each one is aimed at one another, so that in our singing we can remind each other of the promises of God.

    We will pray the Bible. Each week, you will see multiple elders and deacons offer public prayers based on what God says about himself in the Bible. So, you will hear prayers of confession and thanksgiving because we know that God has forgiven us in Jesus Christ. You will also hear requests to God, where we are asking God to meet our needs as the Bible teaches us to do.

    We will listen to the Bible. Central to our gathering is a sermon delivered by one of our pastors that will either go verse-by-verse through a particular passage of Scripture or summarize and explain a particular principle in Scripture. We want to understand what God has done, has spoken, and expects from those who follow Jesus.

    Redeemer rents 1802 Bankhead Pkwy from First Cumberland Presbyterian Church, so we share parking with them.

    If you have young children, follow signs for lower level parking. You'll be able to park on the first level, drop your kids off at Redeemer Kids, and then find a seat in the sanctuary on the upper level.

    If you do not have young children, follow signs for "Guest Parking." You'll be able to park on the upper level.


    Redeemer is a Christian church. So, we proclaim that Jesus Christ is God, and that Jesus Christ died for the sins of his people and was raised from the dead.

    More specifically, we hold to the Reformed, orthodox confessions of the church. Additionally, we are baptistic in faith and practice. Our full statement of faith can be found here.

    We have weekly men's and women's bible studies. You can find more information here.

    We also have Bible and theology classes following corporate worship. At Redeemer, we call these equip classes, and they are offered on a semester and rotational basis.

    You can see a current list of equip classes here.

    First, children are a gift from God, and they are welcome in any of our gatherings. God created their little bodies to squirm, wiggle, and chirp. That bothers no one here. The sounds of a loud baby or child is the sound of a lively and healthy church.

    Redeemer Kids is our children’s ministry. You can find children’s ministry, including nursery, specific information here.

    The best way to get involved is to join the church’s membership. Membership is a simple process. First, you’ll attend one of our membership classes. You’ll share a meal with members of the congregation and a few church leaders, with a dedicated time for questions and answers. 

    Another way to get involved is by joining one of our community groups or equip classes.

    The third way to get involved is to serve. Indicate your interest in serving here.

    Redeemer is a Reformed baptistic congregation.

    We are dual-networked with the ACME Fellowship and the Great Commission Collective.

    We also partner with the Great Commission Baptists for international missions, disaster relief, and theological education.

    Locally, Redeemer is closely affiliated with many other sister churches within the Healthy Church Collective.

    Our Values

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    Why is there beauty?

    Beauty speaks to the existence of God.
    Redeemer's 2024 conference.
    August 10-11
    Registration now open. Open to all.