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Redeemer Kids

Redeemer Kids Teacher

Our Redeemer Kids (RK) teachers are amazing! Each one of them comes prepared to show the love of Jesus Christ to each child in our ministry. They take simple-to-use teaching guides and walk our kids through age-appropriate curriculum. They lead the classroom activities with assistance from RK team members.

All volunteers here are subject to mandatory background checks, screenings, and child protection trainings.

Redeemer Kids Team Member

Our Redeemer Kids team members show our kids and parents how important they are to the kingdom. Each one of them does this by rolling out the red carpet every Sunday to welcome our children to church. They help parents check-in, assist teachers in the rooms, and makes sure that snacks are never too far away. They support the staff and teachers in ministering to our children.

All volunteers here are subject to mandatory background checks, screenings, and child protection trainings.

Redeemer Kids On-Call

Our Redeemer Kids on-call volunteers model service by always being willing to give rather than receive. Each one of them commits to stepping in when one of our volunteers has to step out. They make sure that our children aways hear and know the gospel when they come to church. They are our ultimate utility players.

All volunteers here are subject to mandatory background checks, screenings, and child protection trainings.


Set-Up & Tear-Down

Our Set-Up and Tear-Down team leaders and members are the reason we can continually welcome one another and our neighbors into our Sunday and other weekly gatherings. Without this team, facilitating them would be much more difficult. Each person follows a team leader’s plan for a given gathering, unloading storage, setting up tables and chairs, organizing signage, and more. This team makes this church plant possible.


You really can have church without coffee, but we like coffee. Our baristas make our community feel welcomed through their hospitality and service. This team is critical to making guests feel “at home” among our people. Each person of this team helps with the set-up and tear-down of the coffee bar, brewing coffee, and hosting everyone at our gathering. 


At Redeemer, we genuinely believe these Sunday gatherings are a foretaste of heaven. Our hosts greet visitors, help people find their way, and answer questions in the lobby. This team makes finding a place—literally and figuratively—easy. Each person on this team loves helping other people find what they need: a seat, a tissue, a form, or a place.

Food Service/Communion

Eating is central to a biblical life together. No, seriously. We believe that. The disciples gave themselves to breaking bread regularly. This team facilitates the catering and coordination of all meals in the life of our church, from meal trains to church picnics. This team also helps prepare for communion by baking bread, portioning the cup, and supporting the pastors in serving the Lord’s Supper. Each person on this team loves seeing peoples’ heart and appetite satisfied in good fellowship.

Safety & Security

Gathering Security

Our gathering security team provides for the physical security of the building and spaces, ensuring that everyone is treated with dignity and respect in the process. They also ensure we have plans in place for safe and orderly administration of first aid, evacuation plans (fire & ASI), and more. Each person on this team has a passion for wise and temperate action, but each person is also committed to ensuring our worship gatherings are orderly and honoring to God.

All volunteers here are subject to mandatory background checks and additional trainings.


Parking Lot Attendants

Our parking lot attendants ensure that our guests and members can find adequate parking and that our parking lots remain safe for pedestrians. They are also enthusiastic to be the first faces most people see when they visit Redeemer, and they want to help people meet one of our gathering hosts inside a lobby. Each person on this team loves helping people find their way, rain or shine!

All volunteers here may be subject to additional trainings.

Gathering Team

Audio & Visual

Of course, worship is more than amplification and projection, but our audio & visual team knows that issues with these and more can be a real distraction to worship. Each person on this team wants every single person to be able to hear and see the Word preached, prayed, read, and sung. They help with facilitating the microphones, amplification, live stream, and other tech needs of the Sunday gathering.

Vocalists & Instrumentalists

As much as worship is more than singing, we are a happy people who love to sing! Each person on this team loves to lead out in passionate worship of God, eager to shine a light on Christ. They compliment our congregation’s singing with their own musical talents. 

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