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Redeemer Kids

We want your kids to love, trust, and follow Jesus for their whole life.

We think some pretty incredible things happen when a church equips parents to disciple their children. In that partnership, you will be equipped with the tools you need to make a disciple of your kid. When your child visits Redeemer Kids, he or she will have a wonderful time learning about how Jesus can be trusted with our whole lives.


Redeemer Kids has nursery and toddler care during our Sunday gathering at 9:00 am. We suggest arriving 15 minutes early to allow time for getting the kids checked in and settled into their classrooms. At check-in, you’ll receive a customized name tag for your child and a security tag for you. Please present this tag at pick-up. If your child is not yet potty-trained, we suggest bringing along an extra change of clothes. If, for any reason, we need you during the services, we will send you a text message.

Skip the Desk

Preregistering your child can make your first visit even smoother. Skip the desk and walk right up to the classroom to check-in securely.

Skip the Desk

Preregistering your child can make your first visit even smoother. Skip the desk and walk right up to the classroom to check-in securely.

Frequently Asked Questions

Currently, we have nursery and childcare during the Sunday gathering for children for infants through preschool.

We love for our kindergarteners and up to be involved in the Sunday gathering. We love to hear them sing, pray, and read with us.

We know they will wiggle and might make noise, but we love to have them. A Sunday gathering with lots of kid noise is the sound of a growing church!

If you need an activity bag, one of our hosts will be happy to give you one! We ask that you let us know if you run out of any particular item so we can restock it for next week.

When you arrive, follow signs for Redeemer Kids or one of our orange Welcome signs. From there, one of our hosts will show you where your classroom is. 

If this is your first time visiting Redeemer, you will fill out a visitor information card, as well as name tags for your children. On return visits, you will check your child in using our digital check-in system.

Please let the kid’s ministry volunteer know of any allergies or specific needs your child might have. Then we will walk you to your child’s class and introduce you to his or her teachers.

When checked in, each child will receive a child identification tag (which is to be worn by the child at all times) and a parent security tag. Tags have matching security codes and must be presented at check-out before a child can leave his or her class.

Provided you and your doctor are comfortable, your baby is welcome after his or her 6-week mark.

Please bring a single labeled diaper.

Snacks, cups, diaper bags and backpacks should remain with parents.  Parents will be texted if a change of clothes or supplies is needed.

We offer allergen-free snacks to our toddler-preschool classes. Toddlers are given gluten-free Cheerios and water, and preschoolers are given a trail mix of gluten-free Cheerios, gluten-free Rice Chex, and raisins.

If your child is in one of these classes, we ask that they not bring snacks from home unless arrangements have been made.

For children in our infant class, we do not offer snacks, so you are welcome to pack those and leave feeding instructions with the volunteer team. Baby puffs and fruit/veggie pouches are great options for these classes.

If a child has a food allergy, it is designated on their nametag with a description of the allergy. Volunteers are required to check each nametag before passing out snacks. However, parents should communicate allergies to volunteers each week.

We also have a refrigerator in which you can store milk until you need it to feed your child. 

If your child is inconsolable, a volunteer will text you after 10 minutes of unsuccessful soothing. Please let your volunteer team know at check-in if there are soothing techniques that work well for your child. 

Yes. Of course, you are welcome to feed your baby in the corporate gathering. We understand, however, if you are looking for a more private place to feed your baby.

A greeter or Redeemer Kids volunteer can help you find the adapted mothers’ room. The room offers privacy and quiet for nursing or bottle feeding young babies.

Children must be symptom-free of any communicable diseases or illnesses for 24 hours (without fever-reducing medications) before bringing them to childcare.

Volunteers do their part to prevent the spread of germs by disinfecting toys and play areas during and after childcare and by regularly washing hands when changing diapers.

Suggested Resources

Our Favorite Storybooks & Bibles

These books are ideal for helping your child in grasping God’s plan for their lives and His affection for them.

Family Worship Devotionals

These resources are curated to assist you in guiding your family at home worship and teaching Scripture.

Parenting & Family Resources

These books are ideal for parents interested in leading their family to pursue Jesus Christ.

Redeemer holds that protecting infants, children, teenagers, and adults from abuse is a mandate implied by the Great Commandment and explicit in the clear commands of Scripture.

To that end, we are applying for candidacy and certification with the ECAP and regularly update our child protection policies according to best practices. All pastors, elders, ministers, deacons, and volunteers are held to these high standards.

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