Convictions & Positions

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How We Engage With the Gospel​

Plural leadership knows that Jesus Christ designed his church to submit to Him via his Word correctly taught, judged, and applied by qualified men. Radical hospitality knows that God created our community to reveal his generous love. Thoughtful mission knows that we will have to craft opportunities to evangelize our neighbors because they will likely no longer wander into our gatherings.

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Discipleship at Redeemer

At Redeemer, we believe that deep discipleship begins with understanding who we are in light of Christ’s transformative work. Just as a tree’s roots determine the breadth of its canopy, our growth as a church relies on two vital roots: biblical community and rigorous catechesis. Through shared life and intentional teaching, we aim to become deeply formed disciples who can shelter and impact our city.

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Worship God’s Way

The church is a precious thing. And it is God’s exclusive plan for glorifying himself through Christ. So, it means that churches, thinking about what it means to get church right, what it means to “do” church faithful, what it means to organize a church is one of the most important things many of us will ever have the privilege of giving our lives to this side of eternity.

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